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    Things To Do As A Family In London

    Touring and travelling around London as a family can be expensive. The first thing you will need is an Oyster Card. The travel card will ensure that you can make a huge saving when you use different modes of public transport.

Here are some London places that you can experience movie, weird food and more.

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Dans le Noir

This restaurant is dark. Like, there are actually no lights in this restaurant. For the completely adventurous crew, this restaurant serves food in the dark.

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Wembley Park

The large number of Indian movie lovers flock to Wembley Park from the months of June and July. The free outdoor screenings of famous Bollywood movies are a must to experience.

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The London Dungeon’s Gruesome House

The London Dungeon’s Gruesome House of the haunted is part of the local history and a must visit for the curious

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London is a beautiful place to visit and live in, apart from the constant gloomy weather and the rains.

Here are some outdoor places that you can experience the filmy lifestyle of the city.

If you are looking for an adventure in the food department, then here are some places that give you just that.

There are several pubs and sports bars littered throughout London, where the games are televised.


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