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Best Places To Experience The Wimbledon Fever In London

The home to one of the greatest tournaments in Tennis, is right in Wimbledon. Tennis fanatics come from all over the world to experience the energy and vibe right in the heart of Wimbledon. The excitement builds for weeks prior to the games and there is always the weary traveller, who wants to watch the matches live but can’t get tickets. There are several pubs and sports bars littered throughout London, where the games are televised. A myriad of fans flock to the pubs to join in the energy over drinks and brawls.

The Refinery Bankside

Watching a game at this Southwark Street located pub is surreal. Large screens scattered around the restaurant and the alfresco terrace, are perfect for the laidback fan. Deck chairs are available at the bar with some amazing concoctions by their brilliant bartender. A cocktail in one hand and some action-packed tennis on the other is the perfect recipe for both men and women to indulge in.

The Bishop Kingston

This restaurant has both an indoor and outdoor area, where they telecast the live tennis tournaments. A jug of Pimm’s and some finger food with a side of tennis, fills up both the heart and belly. Their deals are impressive on tournament nights and affordable to every tennis enthusiast.

The Rye

Fans flocking to The Rye to watch the tournament, a popular sports bar, is common. Getting a reservation perhaps is something uncommon. The Peckham located bar is host to the drama and energy that the tournament has to offer to both locals and travellers. If you can manage to get a chance to have a go at table tennis, at their outdoor beer garden; you can take home a little bit of a workout too. Fans often get sucked into the table tennis games hosted every day of the week and tend to forgo the screens showcasing the live games at the venue. There are a few other bars, like SiNk in Shoreditch, that host ping pong games on game nights, if that is something you are after.

The Dog & Fox

For the fans who want to experience the game right in Wimbledon and away from the stadium, The Dog & Fox and The Crooked Billet are the go-to places. The energy and action right in the heart of Wimbledon is right here in these two exceptional pubs. These are perfect for when the flighty London weather is not favourable for an outdoor seating. Fans who are tired of sitting the long hours at the stadium can walk across to these pubs and still enjoy the lively atmosphere.

The Merchant Square

Looking for some sun and some tasty drink during the Wimbledon games? The Merchant Square of even the Flat Iron Square are two outdoor venues where the games are screened. The lazy traveller or the sport enthusiastic local can relax and fill their bellies with some of the best beers in the warm sun. Both places are a favourite for locals to head to on a lazy Sunday, so make sure that you have a place by making a reservation beforehand.