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Enjoy Tea Like A True Local at The Best Tea Rooms in London

The familiar ritual of drinking and sharing tea with friends and family was introduced in London by Anna, the Duchess of Bedford. Having lived at a time in London where everyone consumed only two main meals in a day, the Duchess introduced the tea time to help with coping with her hunger pangs. This was a welcome intrusion into the day as up to a point; people spent 12 hours before they get their next meal.

The ritual at first was a very private affair, but over time, she was joined in by other elites. Thus, was born one of the most prominent and most influential traditions in London that are practiced even today. As a visitor, enjoying a cup of tea with some small servings of pastries and delights is a great way to blend in with the locals. The entire tea time is treated with much pomp and splendor at times and is a perfect delight for any woman with friends.

The Brown’s Hotel Tea Room

The English Tearoom at the Brown’s hotel is the original place where Queen Victoria used to enjoy her tea time. The entire experience at the Tea Room is unique and delivers the tea time flair. Along with your cup of tea, you can sit back and enjoy some finger foods that accompany the brew well. From sandwiches to creamy pastries, tea-time at the Tea Room is brilliant. If you have a dietary requirement, the Tea Room serves up options of food that are safe and yet delicious to be consumed.

The Ritz

Head over to the Ritz if you are wanting the traditional tea experience and can’t make it to the Brown’s Hotel. This is the second-best place to enjoy a cup of tea at teatime. It was opened in the early 1900s, and the food has since been exquisite. Sit back and enjoy a tier of cakes and sandwiches with beautifully cooked meats stuffed or served cold. The Ritz makes the tea time experience very formal as traditionally required. The men must wear jackets, and the women are dressed to impress too. The experience is very inviting to many visitors but beware of the no sneakers and casual’s policy when you head over.

The Langham

Another of the great places to spend during tea time is The Langham. The site is splendid and perfect for families with children. The high mirrored ceiling and the ivory that decorate the area is spectacular. Many people often wonder if the ambiance is a perfect place for young children, and critics have all said yes. There are no issues if children are running around or they spill on the carpet at The Langham, and the food is also explicitly prepared to please the youngest kids. Children also get to take away a small teddy bear from Hamley’s and get to enjoy some tasty treats when they enjoy their tea here. Parents can’t be more delighted for their children to be included in this beautiful tea experience.