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From Books to Reality – A London Booklover’s Tour

Many of the best children’s classics and amazing literature come from London. It is no wonder the historic city hosts a tribute to the favourite characters weaved into its everyday lifestyle. Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, etc are some of the well-known characters who are featured throughout the city. The writers of these books have been inspired by the beautiful city of London and have created works of fiction for audiences worldwide.

Chances, are the first time a child has even heard or been exposed to London it is through these works on literature. For people who loved these books as a child, or even enjoy them as an adult, coming to London can feel very nostalgic. Every street name and suburb tend to ring a bell from the pages of their beloved childhood books. There are many places you can visit to specifically pay homage to your favourite characters or your child’s favourite character.


Read the book or watched the book and loved it? Then you are in for a cute surprise when you walk into Paddington station in London. A bronze bear statue was installed at the station in October 1958. The statue was not just an average state but is of Paddington the bear himself, from the books, holding a note that asks anyone to look after the bear. The bear is tribute to the author of the book’s inspiration, when he saw children with signs around the neck, during world war II in London. If the statue isn’t enough there is a little store with Paddington the bear memorabilia that you can buy and take along with you.

Harry Potter

Enter the world of magic and Hogwarts with a trip down Leadenhall Market. The popular marketplace is very old and sells meat and fish from the 14th century. The marketplace was made popular because of the Harry Potter series as the exterior of the market was the shot of Diagon Alley of the movies. Today, you will find a blue door in the same shopping spot which was used as the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron.

Not to forget the platform 9 ¾ which everyone has heard about. Chances are you’ve seen the scores of people with pictures near this landmark. Your chance to see if you do have some magic in you and try to enter the Hogwarts Express platform is in your hands. Magic or no, this site is a must visit for every Harry Potter fan.

Sherlock Holmes

Are you an avid Sherlock Holmes fan? Have you spent hours on hours reading the books and scrutinizing your surroundings? Then you must visit the home that pays tribute to the mysterious Mr. Holmes at 221b Baker Street. The home is located near Regent Park. At the time of writing the street numbers did not go as far as 221. The author is said to have wanted to maintain secrecy about the location. Perhaps he knew his books would be a hit.