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Fun Activities For Young Groups in London

If you are in London as a group, then you are in for an absolutely, awesome adventure. Forgo the boring tours and let loose at some of these adventure quests, that are designed specifically for groups in London. Nothing like a roaring good time with friends and family, when you are out and about in town. You can perhaps, even make it a whole day event and catch a movie in the evening, at an outdoor cinema.

The Bullshit Tour

You might want to do this tour if you are game for some slapstick comedy. The tour engages audiences with a lot of facts that never happened in London. The tickets are not very expensive, and this is a great way to find something to laugh about. The tour offers an alternate reality, of what London could have been, taking visitors to places that are real and spinning stories you might even believe to be true.

Urban Games

If your group is interested, in a day of playing sherlock, then grab your backpacks and water bottles, because this is just what you can do. Fire Hazard Games, brings Londoners and visitors; to the enticing world of cryptic clues and suspense. Run around the city solving the clues and finding your way to the next destination. The price is set to about $30 a person and offers some brain teasing hours of fun.

Sip, Shop and Swing

There are some cute quirky cafes around London, where you can choose to enrol in a workshop and stick around. These cafes turn into pubs and clubs at the end of the day and visitors absolutely adore them. There are afternoons teas, dance classes or even pottery classes for groups to enjoy. Drink, Shop and Do is the place you will need to book for your day out. The prices are reasonable for a full day of fantastic learning and unwinding too.

City Dash

Have you always wanted to be an undercover cop? Perhaps, the James Bond in you might want to give this operation a whirl. Undercover London offers guests, 90 minutes of hiding, ninja stealthy skills and disguises. This is the latest activity that has hit the city of London for groups and everyone has been wanting in. If your group wants a go, then book online on the Undercover London website.

Magic Minds

Groups that are looking for a top seller in London, should check out Magic Hour in London. These guys are ranked 15 in London when it comes to entertainment, and with good reason. Tony Middleton is known for his incredible magician skills throughout the world and he is the star of the show. Tickets are pricy for the show and there is a huge demand. Get your tickets if this is something your group would enjoy.

White Water Rafting

Young groups that are looking for some water adventure in cold London will love the white-water rafting experience that Lea Valley has to offer. This place offers water sports for groups in a facility that was build for the Olympics. After the Olympics it was converted into an aqua sports centre for different activities. The price is set to about $50 per person, and there are a wide range of water activities you can choose to enjoy as a group.