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Insects for Food – Insect Farms in London Gaining Popularity

As gross as it sounds, insects are a fast-growing delicacy, and people seem to like it too. Believe it or not, the creepy-looking, six-legged creatures are a fantastic source of protein. London may be famous for it’s rains and attractions but promise holds true that London is soon going to be well-known for its restaurants serving freshly-cooked spiders and grasshoppers. London’s restaurants serve a variety of bugs and insects that you can indulge in. These include the famous dried and fried grasshoppers, chocolate covered ants and scorpions. Do you like the buffalo style sauce? Then brace yourself for some buffalo sauce insects too. Restaurants that serve up these delicacies are famous for their dishes and they have a huge waitlist.


The famous Archipelago restaurant is adorned with more than just a wide array of colorful feathers and exotic golden idols. Along with the mismatched furniture, there is no doubt that the wild jungle interiors cross over to the food. Locusts and crickets are served together with the ‘Love Bug Salad, making a delicious dinner and adventure. Enjoy some dessert after your protein-full meal, by ordering a chocolate-covered scorpion too.

Selfridges Food Hall

Inspired by the ant-eating diets of those who are native to South America, Selfridges’ provides its customers with a front-row seat for experiencing its famous dark chocolate covered, giant ants. Surprisingly these insects not only provide protein but also offer a wide range of enzymes, which are a great energy source. The product is almost instantly picked up from the shelves, so a pre-order will save you a disappointing visit to the store.


For those who want their protein filled delicacies with a side of live music, Nightjar is the place to be. The restaurant is famous for its Inca cocktail which contains tequila, chili wine and the larval form of the litter beetle called ‘buffalo worms.’ Nightjar is a place that has a comfortable environment and is a beautiful place to go when you want to try out a variety of creepy critters. Being one of the highest rated eateries in the city, you will need to pre-book your spot.

Lao cafe

Serving Lao cuisine, the Lao cafe was introduced as a pop-up restaurant. Apart from serving grilled meats and curries, the courses are not what you expect it experience. Majority of the dishes are insect-free, but if you’re up to the challenge, you can request handfuls of deep-fried grasshoppers or ant eggs in your mushroom soup. The Lao cuisine is very similar to the Thai cuisine and does not use any marinades in the food preparation process. Everything you devour at the restaurant is fresh from the farm to the wok and your plate.

Planet Organic

Grocery shopping can’t compete with Planet Organic’s offerings. The French brand is hugely passionate about crunchy insect snacks. The brand promotes the eating of bugs as a health requirement. The bugs that Planet Organic provide contains more protein than your average beef and chicken. Their aim is ‘to make you want to try and enjoy it, with pleasure and open-mindedness.’  If you’re in the mood for some insect pasta and some insect bar snacks, Planet Organic is the place.