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London For Sports Fanatics Around the World

For hundreds of years, Britain has been introducing sports to the rest of the world. The history of sports and the joys of team-playing that London has given the rest of the world is to be appreciated. While visiting London, these sporting arenas, grounds, and stadiums are a must visit for a sports fan. Through history and time, sports have been a big focus in London. On Sundays, the streets of London are almost empty, with sports fanatics glued to their screens watching football or cricket. Here below are the historical and legendary influences that shape the world of sports; thanks to London.

Ardent Cricket Enthusiasts

The Oval cricket ground in Kennington is a very common playing site for cricket. Almost every single cricket fan knows about this famous site. But something that many others don’t know about this ground is that this area was nearly destroyed and built on. Only under the intervention of Queen Victoria’s husband, Albert, was the idea to build housing, eliminated. The name “Oval” was chosen to reflect the roads around an Oval-shaped market garden. The word Oval stuck with cricket, which paved the way for creating 40 other ovals around the world. As a visitor, you can enjoy several tours organized explicitly for cricket fans to visit their favorite cricket stadiums in London.

But the Englishmen’s passion for cricket extends even further. The friendly rivalry between Yorkshire and Lancashire is just as ardent as the historic conflict, except now this conflict have fans all over, and the new War of Roses give the world much more than its predecessor did.

Patient Golfers

The oldest Golf club in both London and England is the Royal Blackheath. As it was in 1766, this club was a favorite to the public as there would always be a crowd. There are still many customs of the Blackheath that are followed today, one of which is the red jackets of those who are in a game. This tradition is used even today by golfers on the Wimbledon common golf grounds. In 2008 Blackheath celebrated its 400th anniversary. Now there are 108 golf courses which cover a 3% total mass of the capital of London; this is equivalent almost to the entire of Borough of Greenwich in area. Visitors who love a game of golf or two, can enjoy their favorite sport in one of the many golf courses and mark it off their bucket lists.

The Football Fever Fans

London is well known for its Cricket, but it is more widely known as the country that transitioned soccer into the sport that we now know as football. England is also credited to have been the country to have recorded the rules for soccer. These rules include the ‘no tripping’ and ‘hand-ball’ rules. As time passed, more rules were added like the penalty-kick, which was introduced in 1891 and Red/Yellow cards, which were introduced during the world cup finals in 1970. Being the biggest sport and often referred to as being the national sport of London, Football is the favorite amongst Londoners. There are self-guided tours of the famous stadiums or guided ones as well for those who wish to tread where their favorite teams play. A self-guided tour is also a good option for those to want to experience the best of London’s sporting venues on a budget.