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London For the Outdoor Movie Lover

London might be gloomy throughout the year, but movie lovers need not despair. The indoor and outdoor cinema options are brilliant in the cloudy city. A few pounds can buy you a fabulous experience to watch some of London’s Hollywood screenings. Here are some outdoor places that you can experience the filmy lifestyle of the city.

Movies on The River

Take a trip to the Tower Pier and pick up a ticket for the Movies on the River cruise that runs between June and September. The breathtaking sights from the cruise is unique both across the water and abroad the cruise. While the movie choices are not the best, the whole experience of watching a movie under the stars is spot on.

The Rooftop Club

The Peckham based Bussey Building, has screenings of movies on their rooftop. Enjoy the bird’s eye view of the entire city while enjoying food, drinks and a fun movie at this venue. The rooftop is open for business during the months of May right up to September. The selection of movies is both old as well as new blockbusters.

The Floating Film Festival

If you are looking for serenity and nice time snuggling with your partner under the stars, the Floating Film Festival offers movies and romance. The venue is strategically situated at the corner of St Katherine Docks, and on a pontoon. Choose from a selection of foods and drinks; sit back and enjoy a movie or two at this serene spot. Movies featured are blockbusters and romantic comedies, perfect for the month of July.

Wembley Park

The large number of Indian movie lovers flock to Wembley Park from the months of June and July. The free outdoor screenings of famous Bollywood movies are a must to experience. The choice of movies though old, the spirit and energy of the place is not. Experience the culture and warmth of India at this outdoor park. Perhaps, you can make a picnic and share the love with the friendly community.

Luna Cinema

The Royal Park is lit up with a large screen showcasing movies from different eras and a few blockbusters during the months of April to October. If you are looking for the perfect date venue, this place has it all. Londoner’s often pack a picnic to watch movies and chat on the grass of the Royal Park. There are several screens in the park and you can pick the closest to you.

Film4 Summer Screenings

The Film4 Summer Screen brings to you brilliant and popular movies from Inception right up to Blue Velvet. Being one of the most popular outdoor movie venues, the Film4 Summer Screens are in the Covent Garden. The month of August is the perfect time to visit this cinema and enjoy some alone time with the partner.

Pop Up Screens

Head to Shoreditch for outdoor screenings on popular movies at different locations. The locations are often fancy, and the locals love the concept. The movies are not fixed to show up in a locale and is instead Popped Up everywhere, as the name suggests.