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London: One of the Most Culturally Rich Cities in Europe

London, the city that dates back almost two thousand years ago, was founded by the Romans on the banks of the River Thames. It is now not only the capital of England, the largest city in the Great Britain, but also the largest and perhaps culturally richest city in Europe. One short weekend trip to London will not be enough to see and visit the most important and spectacular attractions of this city.

One of the Most Culturally Rich Cities in Europe
London: One of the Most Culturally Rich Cities in Europe

Entertainments All Year Round

Although, London is famous for its never-ending rain, you can enjoy a bunch of different events and places every day. Here you can find 240 museums, galleries, endless list of pubs, theaters, bookstores, and concert halls.

Due to the maritime climate, winter in London is not terribly cold. The lowest temperature ever recorded here was only -16.1°C. In December, the city is bustling with Christmas fairs, and on New Year’s Eve, the sky is adorned with spectacular fireworks. For those who are crazy about sales, book your ticket to London in January as this is the best time to shop in many branded stores.

When a mild spring begins, London is covered in blooms and the bars open their terraces outside to enjoy the warm nights and cold drinks. In generally, city is very alive during spring nights as the London Marathon takes place, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated very loudly, and the day of St. George who is the patron saint of the city of London is like a festival. Museum Night takes place in mid-May, and it is a great opportunity to feel the mysterious atmosphere of museums and spend the night culturally.

In summer, the weather is more pleasant on sunny days, and the average temperature reaches +18°C. The most famous events of the English capital take place in June, such as a spectacular parade on the Queen’s birthday. In July, London is surrounded by music because of many musical events and festivals, and if you come to London in the last days of August, there are many chances that you will fall into the very vortex of the colorful Nothing Hill music and dance festival.

Beer in Pub and Afternoon Tea

Traditional cuisine with its strange dishes and drinks are an integral part of culture. As a result, you must indulge yourself with the British fried food and a few pins of beer. There are a lot of bars and pubs in London, which have become an integral part of London life. In the evening, visit one of the oldest pubs such as The Mayflower, Ye Olde Miter, or similar, and you will not only drink traditional English beer, but also feel the rhythm of local lifestyle. A holiday in London will not be complete without enjoying a quiet break of afternoon black tea with a milk and fancy muffin. For lunch, dare to try the English puddings, Sheppard’s pie, or meatballs, and in the morning enjoy a real and hearty full English breakfast that taste so good if you have a little hangover after a good night at a pub yesterday.