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Secret Romantic Places You Should Visit in London With Your Partner

London is known for its pomp and splendour that most people don’t even realise, the beautiful historic country has to offer, for a modern romantic. People who live in London know of some of the secret places, while visitors are stuck with what the rest of the crowd knows about already. Here is a list of hidden romantic places that many people don’t know about. Some are hidden right in plain sight and some are tucked away in the country side.

The Rooftop Film Club

This film club is a cute place for film fanatics and a great place for couples to sit back and enjoy the sunset and a good movie. There are several locations scattered around that you can choose from to indulge in your cinema experience.

Surprise and Intimate Gigs by Sofar

Sofar Sounds organise intimate gigs that you won’t know anything about. Your partner and you can enjoy the surprise together, for a night out and indulge in whatever the organisers have to offer you. The events are a huge hit with some amazing artists, showcasing their talent. Some good food and great booze are on the menu too.

The Build-a-bouquet For Your Partner Day

Every Sunday, there are 60 shops on Columbia Road that sell flowers. These are not just any flowers; but flowers that are grown with passion and sold by passionate vendors. If you are wondering what this can offer you; head over to the markets and build a fresh bouquet for your partner. Yes, men love flowers too!

Twilight Canoes

There are several locations around London where you can hire a canoe and tour the canals of London. The sights and lights are simply splendid, and couples really enjoy the time they get to spend together.

Secret Cocktails

The BYOC in Camden is a great place for couples who love cocktails. Bring your own bottle of your preferred alcohol and pay 50 bucks on arrival. Enjoy some food and blackjack at this intimate restaurant; while the thirsty bar tender whips up some awesome cocktails with your own spirit of choice.

Pizza Making

If you are a couple who would like to get your hands dirty and share the love for cooking together; this is the thing for you. Pizza Pilgrims at West India Quays host pizza making for couples and have a good selection of fun activities, for after as well.

Shoreditch Sky Terrace

This incredibly scenic rooftop is a gorgeous place for couples to spend an evening together. Located in Shoreditch, the rooftop restaurant offers signature cocktails and tasty food. Go prepared for some amazing photograph opportunities as well, against the sunset.

Honourable mentions

If you are a couple who is interested in doing something completely whacky, then why don’t you dress up in the 40s style and head over to Cahoots. The whole place is set in the 1940s and feels like you enter a whole new world where swing dancing, black and white is the theme.

Wear your favourite pyjamas and win a competition at 40 winks together. The place offers food, wine and stories mixed in to make a great pyjama party.  And the Electric Cinemas in Notting Hill offers couples sofa seats. The sofas are incredibly comfortable and so are the beds. A perfect place to cuddle up for a movie.