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The Best London Attractions for Tourists – Part 1

London is one of the top tourist designations in the world, with upwards of 15 million people making their way here each and every year. The capital city of Britain is a vibrant city for arts and entertainment (especially for theatre in the West End) and the music scene is as strong here as it is anywhere else in the country, and that’s since 50 years since The iconic Beatles.London also offers some amazing cultural attractions, with a mix of historic and modern sites. From the people’s parliament to royal palaces, from enjoying the sights from the London Eye to churches and museums, you could spend days and days at London’s best sites without ever getting bored. The great news is that many of the places you’ve heard if are free to visit.

London Bridge and the Tower of London

From a palace to a prison, from private zoos to a treasure vault, the spectacular Tower of London has been in many a guise over the years. One of the county’s more iconic structures, the World Heritage Site provides hours of wonderment for visitors keen to know more about Britain’s rich history. There’s some wonderful history attached to this particular structure. Inside the high White Tower, constructed by William the Conquerer in 1078, is the Line of Kings from the 17th century with its stunning displays or royal armour and armaments. Also, on display are the Royal Mint, the Beefeaters, the Crown Jewels exhibition, and exhibits on the executions that occurred here. The Tower Bridge, which is adjacent, features two enormous towers stretching some 200ft above the River Thames, and is also one of the city’s better-known landmarks.

Parliament and Big Ben

There’s no better way to affirm your status as having been to London than visiting the tower that houses the huge clock, along with Big Ben, its resounding bell. It’s every bit as iconic an attraction as Tower Bridge. The sound that Big Ben makes when it tolls is known all around the world as BBC radio’s time signal.

Below that are the Houses of Parliament, stretching right beside the Thames. The House has been the seat of the country’s government for hundreds of years and was once the site of Westminster Palace. Visitors can take tours here to see boisterous political discussions and real-time debates. From Parliament Square, Whitehall is lined by numerous government buildings- to the extent that its very name has become synonymous with the government.Westminster Abbey, a landmark that has long been associated with British royalty, sits on a site that has a long association of its own- Christianity. Edward the Confessor founded the site in 1065. From the year of his burial, just one year later, until George 11 passed close to seven centuries later, the majority of sovereigns were both crowned and buried here. Recently, it’s became more famous for being the go-to location for a Royal family wedding.