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Things To Do As A Family In London

London is a beautiful country to visit. There is something to entice every kind of visitor and draw them to the charm of the city. A guided tour or a self-planned tour is an excellent way to get around the city and live-out unique memories. The crime rate is also low, making it a city for families to safely enjoy themselves.

Touring and travelling around London as a family can be expensive. The first thing you will need is an Oyster Card. The travel card will ensure that you can make a huge saving when you use different modes of public transport. Apart from the savings, getting around the city is easier with the Oyster Card, preloaded with the fare amount, than having to stop to buy tickets for buses, trains or trams.

A Unique Itinerary for The Enthusiastic Traveller

Here is a list of unique places and things to do whilst in London:

  • The Viktor Wynd Museum is great for those who love curiosities and art. This shop and gallery is a treat for the young and old
  • The 9 ¾ Platform allows the Hogwarts fan to live the fantastical life of Harry Potter from the entrance to the magical realm
  • Sherlock’s Place at 221b Baker Street is another place created for the fans of Sherlock Holmes and his mysterious cases
  • The London Dungeon’s Gruesome House of the haunted is part of the local history and a must visit for the curious
  • Novelty Automation in London, is where several games from modern day lifestyle and automation is featured
  • The Victorian Folly Ruins is set in a garden for the public to visit and indulge in the remains of the Fairwood house
  • The Museum of Natural History of London is a must visit for families with young children to learn and explore natural history
  • Guildhall’s Amphitheatre is London’s underground theatre built over 2000 years ago by the Romans
  • The Toy Museum is a toy store with history attached to it. Find the history of toys and playthings from the past and cherish the craftsmanship behind it
  • The Cartoon Museum is a must visit with kids. It features several comics and graphical caricatures
  • The Speaker’s Corner is the only remaining site where public speaking is still encouraged. This place, where the likes of Lenin and Karl Marx delivered epic narrations, gives the visitor goose bumps
  • The Earth’s Treasury Gallery is a great place for those kids and adults who like a deeper look into nature’s goodies. Even the stone with the same composition as Kryptonite is featured in the gallery
  • Last but not the least, make sure you pay a visit to the Queen’s Residence and enjoy a cup of tea at the 300 year old Twinning’s Tea Shop

London is a beautiful place to visit and live in, apart from the constant gloomy weather and the rains. The mystical and historical charm behind the city holds a unique appeal that no other city offers.