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Weird Food Joints In London For The Daring Foodie

The X Factor is not the only place where people can find weird and out-of-the-normal things to eat, apparently. Here are some of the restaurants in London that proudly list their “Specialities” that anyone can try if they can stomach it. If you are looking for an adventure in the food department, then here are some places that give you just that.

  1. Testi – This London based Turkish restaurant is not for the faint hearted. While you have probably been to Turkish restaurants that serve you the usual kebab on a plate, these guys stand out. Testicles on a plate is what you can order here. Literally, you need the ‘Balls’ to try this Turkish lamb delicacy. Leave it to the Turks to serve them up deep-fried, sautéed, bread-crumbed or even charcoaled. All with a side of water to wash it down.
  2. Poppies – How about fish and chips with some eels to go? Yes, that’s right, this fish and chips joint is famous for their jellied eels. Eels have been a delicacy in England for centuries and this eatery has the slimy eels specially for the adventurous traveller. With a 5-star review, this place is one of the top places to visit on your London adventure tour.
  3. Bocca Di Lupo – No one does food better than the Italians. From pastas to pate, this restaurant is a brilliant find. Their pig blood and chocolate pate dessert, is one of their most tried dish, putting them at number three on this list. Located in the heart of Soho, this restaurant is lively and showcase a whole range of Italian specialities. Their tapas sized portions are a bit of a disappointment to some. But, who eats a large bowl of pig’s blood anyway. Definitely a winner for the brave.
  4. Gong – This place proudly combines three of the most favourite foods a foodie will like; blue cheese, meat and alcohol. The Black and Blue Swizzle is a signature cocktail at this bar and is served at the highest location, for a bar, in London. Be sure to try some of the more familiar cocktails before you try the Swizzle if you are queasy to try it at first.
  5. Archipelago – No weird food list is ever complete without the mention of Archipelago; the restaurant that brings you everything unique. With foods from across the oceans and the Baltic, Archipelago serves up Zebra, Crickets or even Crocodiles. Critics who frequent this restaurant rate it as being a daring eatery that has a large dose of romance weaved into it.
  6. Dans le Noir – This restaurant is dark. Like, there are actually no lights in this restaurant. For the completely adventurous crew, this restaurant serves food in the dark. Imagine the joys of not knowing what you are eating and trying to guess your way through your meal. That’s exactly what you get at this Clerkenwell based restaurant.
  7. Johns – Love your ham; now you can eat it all too. This restaurant aims to please the pork lover and serves up pigs in its entirety. Be surprised to get served even the toughest parts of the pig you might never dream of eating. What a Londoner calls nose-to-tail eating can be yours to try too at St. Johns.