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What You Can Expect Every Season in London

Contrary to popular belief London, does have all the four seasons of the year. The best time to visit London however, would be, during the shoulder seasons. Early fall or the short time, between spring and summer are the perfect times you can visit London, as a family. Beware that being the top season to travel to London, there are a lot of people who might be interested in the same dates.

London in Spring

If you are travelling to London in the spring, be prepared for the mildest weather and a long day. London is beautiful in Spring, and people explore the outdoors a lot during the season. All the parks, music festivals and farms are open for business during this time. The season of flowers is not to be missed on your London visit. The beautiful showcasing of flower shows, and lush natural reserves are a treat to enjoy with the family.

London in Summer

For those who like a bit of sunshine and warmth, the summers in London are a treat. From awesome outdoor music festivals to water sports, London has it all. If you like water activities you can head over to the Olympic arena that was built for the 2012 Olympics and host a whole array of water sports, these days. There are boating and other swimming activities, that you can enjoy as well. If you would rather just sit back and enjoy some good old time with nature, then nothing like a stroll in the gardens in London. For some of the best gardens that you can visit, apart from the obvious Royal Gardens; head to the Chiswick House and Grounds. Rated as one of the best gardens in London that many people don’t know about, the Chiswick House is from the 18th century, and was also recently restored.

London in Winter

Enjoy the magic of Christmas in London during winter. From gorgeous Christmas shows to warm pubs and dining areas, winter in London is a personal favourite. All the national buildings and famous sections of the city, glow under giant sized Christmas tree lights and carefully engineered light shows. If you are in for some ice skating, there are a few spots that host ice skating rinks around the city. The parks in London might be too cold for a stroll, but nevertheless, people love it during winter for the magic it proposes. The Christmas spectacular is truly a splendid in London, and a great thing to witness with kids.

London in Autumn

Autumn in London is a good time to visit, for those who like to watch the changing colours of nature. The parks and natural reserves host the best seats in the house, for a visit and tour of London during Autumn. Alternatively, people who would rather enjoy the good array of food and ale in London, the rooftop bars offers plenty. From here they can get a bit of sun, colour and a combination of Autumn’s best and leave with a happy belly. Halloween and bonfire nights are two of the most popular events during autumn, that you should consider witnessing during Autumn.